Activated DNA (5x) 

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pGEX- 5X- 3

PVT0034 2 ug
EUR 266

TBE Buffer, 5X

41006 4L
EUR 111
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 4L

5X RIPA Buffer

AKR-191 20mL
EUR 137
Description: RIPA Buffer extracts proteins from cultured mammalian cells for various downstream applications.


NAT1200 1L
EUR 77


NAT1202 4L
EUR 93

5X TBE Buffer

T8051-100 2X500ml
EUR 82

5X TBE Buffer

T8051-200 4X500ml
EUR 107

5x Stop Buffer

TG4037 1ml
EUR 156

5X Potassium Glutamate

TG4055 1ml
EUR 156


7095B-5X 200/pk
EUR 67
Description: Disposable Pipets; Pasteur Pipets


7095D-5X 200/pk
EUR 73
Description: Disposable Pipets; Pasteur Pipets

5X All-In-One RT MasterMix (with Genomic DNA Removal Kit)

HRT100-20G 100x20ulRxns, 100prep
EUR 282

5X Protein Loading Buffer

G031 3.0 ml
EUR 85

pGEX- 5X- 1 Plasmid

PVT0209 2 ug
EUR 241

pGEX- 5X- 2 Plasmid

PVT0210 2 ug
EUR 266

pGEX- 5X- 3 Plasmid

PVT0211 2 ug
EUR 266

5X Band Sharpener (10ml)

9K-001-0017 10mL
EUR 323.76

5X Passive Lysis Buffer

99912 30ML
EUR 77
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 30ML

Protein Loading Buffer 5X

NAT1252 10X1ML
EUR 126

MangoTaq Buffer 5x, Colourless

BIO-37101 10ml Ask for price

MangoTaq Buffer 5x, Coloured

BIO-37102 10ml Ask for price

RANGER Reaction Buffer, 5x

BIO-37114 3 x 1.25ml Ask for price

MyFi Reaction Buffer, 5x

BIO-37115 3 x 1.25ml Ask for price

5x TBE Buffer Solution

BA01805 6x100ml
EUR 94
Description: High purity buffer for various PCR applications.

Gyrase Assay Buffer 5x

TG4030 1ml
EUR 145

5X All-In-One RT MasterMix (with AccuRT Genomic DNA Removal Kit)

G492 100 x 20 ul reactions
EUR 177

Streptavidin-Glucose Oxidase (Oligomeric 5X)

65R-S125 1 mg
EUR 237
Description: Streptavidin-Glucose Oxidase (Oligomeric 5X) conjugate for use in immunoassays

Assay Buffer Concentrate, 5x, 28ML

X131-28ML 28ML
EUR 123

Assay Buffer Concentrate, 5x, 55ML

X131-55ML 55ML
EUR 143

Activated DNA (5x)